Higher Education and Research

Higher Education and Research

Building Next-Gen Higher Education and Research Institutions The Higher Education and Research industry primarily comprises the Universities, Colleges and Post Secondary Academic Institutions and Education Departments. Business Challenges Higher Education and Research

Here are some of the challenges faced by today's Higher Education and Research organizations:

  • Shrinking Grants and Endowments
  • Enrollment in many institutions is going down
  • Cost of running the colleges/Universities going up, which is driving higher student fees
  • Information systems are outdated
  • e-governance is lacking
  • Performance management tools are lacking
  • Operational efficiency is lacking

Alwosta HER Solutions and Services

Alwosta has the solutions and services in place to help Higher Education organizations realize their business goals:

  • Achieve operational efficiencies
  • Manage Grants and Endowments
  • Implement Enterprise solutions - SAP ERP and SLCM for Higher Education
  • Implement or improve e-governance for employees, students, parents and business partners
  • Maximize return on IT investment
  • Implement SAP Business Intelligence and Performance Management Tools

SAP Solutions for Higher Education and Research

As an SAP Channel and Service Partner, UST specializes in providing a SAP-based solution for Higher Education. Some of the major SAP solutions are listed below:

SAP ERP Solution (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Finance/Controlling
  • HR/Payroll
  • Purchasing/Logistics
SAP SLCM Solution (Student Life Cycle Management)
  • Admissions/Recruitment
  • Student Administration
  • Student Finance
  • Student Portals
SAP Business Intelligence Solution
  • Business Objects

Alwosta *HER* Enterprise: has developed an integrated, pre-configured ERP solution for HER organizations, based on SAP ERP (All In One), SLCM (Student Life Cycle Management), CRM and Business Intelligence solutions. Based on Alwosta 's experience working with Colleges/Universities, it has anticipated their business needs and come up with a pre-packaged solution which can be deployed rapidly and cost-effectively. The implementation time is much faster than traditional ERP implementations and it is all designed to deliver the best value to the customer.

Alwosta *CMS: Alwosta has designed and developed Microsoft technology based Campus Management System, which is custom designed for the needs of Indian Universities. Alwosta *CMS is a total automation solution for Indian Universities which covers all their business operations from Finance, HR, Purchasing, Library Management to Student Information and much more. Alwosta *CMS is currently sold in India only, through our Indian subsidiary Alwosta.

Alwosta *ECS: Alwosta has designed and developed an Examination Control System for the specific needs of Indian Universities and other autonomous institutions which are conducting student exams, processing results and publishing degrees/diplomas. This solution is based on Microsoft technologies and has been received very well by our Indian customers. Alwosta *ECS is currently sold in India only, through our Indian subsidiary Alwosta.

Alwosta *LMS: Alwosta has designed and developed a Microsoft technologies based Library Management System. It has all the features and functionalities expected out of a modern library management system. UST*LMS is currently sold in India only, through our Indian subsidiary Alwosta.